Lunada Bay PTA Association

Meeting Agenda

September 8, Zoom at 9am

Call to Order

Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes


Announcements & Business to Address

  1. Introduce special guest speaker(s) –Superintendent Dr. Cherniss and/or PVPUSD District Board Member
  2. Announce Historian: Tracey King-Ortega
  3. Announce Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Camille Boothe
  4. Approve final calendar-motion to approve
  5. 3rd Voting Delegate to Council – motion to approve
  6. Announce Bylaws Committee-Julie Manth, Nicole Straw, Carla Hatler, Priscilla Hanudel, Laura Lee
  7. Announce Gifting Committee-Meena Shah, Julie Manth, Melissa Forrester, Nicole Straw, Carla Hatler, and Rene Hunton. Teacher representative: Barbara Brown


Principal’s Report – Mr. Bernal: Back To School Night plans on 9/10


Executive VP- Rene

Secretary - Nicole

Treasurer’s Report- Melissa: update & budget- motion to approve

Financial Secretary – Natalya

1st VP - Organization – Karen

Gifting Chair – Meena

2nd VP - Hospitality – Danielle

3rd VP - Education – Jackie

Diversity & Inclusion Chair – Camille

4th VP - Community Service – Laura D

5th VP - Communication – Carla

6th VP - Ways & Means – Jessica

7th VP - Leg Rep & PEF – Position Available

Parliamentarian – Laura L

Auditor - Julie

Historian – Tracey


Additional / New Business

The zoom link and meeting ID for our meeting are below.
Meeting ID: 895 4549 2764